A testimonial letter is written to confirm the credits and worth of a person’s character and professional apt. Teachers, professors, or employers write testimonial or recommendation letters, as they are in position to recommend another. Therefore, a person who is able to confirm the character and abilities of a person writes a testimonial letter.

Such a letter is very important for people applying for new admissions in colleges or universities, or when applying for a new job.  The letter needs to be written in proper format and wording.


Here is a sample for writing a testimonial for someone:


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

NYU University

Jones & Howard Hall

67 Washington East Lane, 5th Floor

New York, NY 10004-8790


To Whom It May Concern:


As the Dean of the College of Economics and Social Sciences of Michigan State College, I write to you in referral of Ms. Anne Lucifer’s desire to study in NYU University for the Degree of Economics and GSAS – BSC in Humanities program.


Ms. Lucifer has been studying in our college for 4 years, and has been my student for 2 years. She has shown academic ambition and intelligence beyond that of her fellow peers. She took extra hours and classes for her hunger to learn, and she performed remarkably on Theoretical and Research analysis for Economics. She would always make critical points in class and enjoyed discussions to demonstrate her ability to analyze problems. Here written reports were exemplary and lauded in the class. Her research on the High Demand of Fuel in the East for the 20th Century was published for our library due to its excellence. In her last year at the college, she was given a scholarship due to her top-notch performance. She has a firm grip on all economic theories.


She is an exceptional student, due to her drive for education and vast knowledge on the subject. I recommend her highly for the program offered by your University. You should feel free to contact me anytime to inquire more details on Ms. Lucifer.


Best Regards,

Morgan Seinfield