Making a homemade thermometer for you child’s science project is a fun and educational venture. This science activity is impressive for their school, and it is actually very simple to make. Here is how you can make a homemade thermometer:


What you will need:


  • Red food color
  • Water
  • A transparent plastic bottle (11 ounces, with a narrow neck)
  • A transparent straw
  • Clay
  • Rubbing alcohol




Pour water into the bottle and an equal amount of rubbing alcohol into it. Your bottle should be just a quarter full    aid4179228-728px-make-a-homemade-thermometer-step-12with these two solvents. Add 7-8 drops of the red food coloring and shake the bottle to mix it well. Insert the straw in the bottle, and make sure it does not sink into the solution. Hold this straw this way by wrapping the clay around the bottles’ mouth with the straw stuck in its center. You have now successfully made your homemade thermometer. To test it, place your child’s hands around the bottle, and you will see the fluid rise in the straw by their hand’s warmth! You can even draw a scale on the straw to make it even more real.