Professional photographers need to brighten the work studios when taking photographs. This can be done by investing in a good light kit or some basic photo lights. However, a basic three-light set up with umbrellas works best for all types of photography.


Photography umbrella lights aid in adjusting the amount of light while filming or photographing. The umbrella is attached with a strobe light, which points in to the umbrella. These lights are triggered when a button is pressed from the camera. The umbrellas diffuse the light before it hits a subject and it aids in removing any unwanted shadows in the pictures shot. The photographs taken turn out to be even this way, and less harsh as they produce the softest light when white umbrellas with black backing are used. White umbrellas are best for indoor photography. For creation of shadows, use silver, gold, or reflective gold umbrellas. Black/silver umbrellas brighten subjects. So black/silver and white umbrellas are combined usually when photographers do a shoot. Photography umbrella lights are the best primary source of lighting for photographers, while softbox and reflectors are secondary.


When setting up and positioning photography umbrella lights, you will have to experiment with a subject for the photo shoot so that you can check the lighting positions and make the best photographs. For the shoot, you will have the entire setup ready this way. To set up photography umbrellas lights correctly, follow these simple steps:


Things you will need

  • Umbrella stand
  • External flash
  • Photography umbrella
  • Trigger (optional)
  • Umbrella holder
  • Camera



InstructionsPhotography Umbrella Lights

  1. Set the umbrella stand upright and spread open its legs. Tighten the screws on the legs by turning the knob. This will secure the stand onto the ground correctly.


  1. Fit the umbrella holder on top of the stand, and insert the brass pushing at the top of the stand in the umbrella holder. Tighten the screw so that the holder fits in the umbrella.


  1. When the holder is securely installed, slide in the strobe light in the hot shoe. Secure it by tightening the screw.


  1. Now pop open the umbrella, and slide the rod in the cylindrical hole located at the middle of the holder. The rod should be lower than the umbrella.

  1. Adjust the angle of the light and ensure the light points towards the center of the umbrella. Turn the knob above the hot shoe to adjust the angle. Tighten the screw to set the place.


  1. Take a few pictures to check the settings of your lighting. Refine the lighting if required.


You will have to set a test subject and take a few photographs when you have the photo lights set in the general positions. You will get the best possible approximation of what your lighting will look like with the actual subject if the test subject is the same size and shape. Check how the photos come out. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can adjust the height and position of the lights till you get a satisfactory result.



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