Once you have been accepted for college, you should write a college acceptance letter. This is important as otherwise the college may consider you as unresponsive and may drop you entirely from the admission list. A college acceptance letter should be formal, polite and concise.

The Format of a College Acceptance Letter


The Heading

Your heading should be exactly of the same format as used in a business letter. You would start by writing your own address on the left margin. Below it, you will write the date on which you are writing the letter. Now, leave a line, and add the name and the title of the person who had sent you the acceptance letter. If you got the letter with the institution’s name only, then you can address the institution instead of a person as well.

The First Paragraph

Your first paragraph should convey to the institute that how happy you are it has decided to enroll you as a student. You can simply write, “Dear Mr. Hanson,” and then proceed on to writing, “I am extremely grateful to know that your prestigious institute has accepted my application for admission.”

The Second Paragraph

In the second paragraph, you can write more about why you are thrilled to join the specific graduate or under graduate program. You can briefly talk about your expectations as well. You should not make it a long paragraph as otherwise it will become boring.

The Third Paragraph

The third paragraph should be the conclusion. You can add statements like “Looking forward towards having a great learning experience in your college.” End the letter by writing “Sincerely” and by signing your name just under it.