A dry mouth can be very discomforting. It occurs mainly because of a dry weather and due to dehydration. Whatever the reason is, a dry mouth can be treated with some simple home remedies.


1.     Take a lot of Fluids

If you feel that the dryness in your mouth is because of a less intake of fluids, then you should increase its consumption. Once your body will get hydrated enough, your issue of dry mouth will go away. You can start with drinking a lot of water. However, if you don’t feel like drinking too much of it, you can go for juices, smoothies and even fluid based foods like soups.

Coconut water and even green tea is also good for getting your body hydrated.


2.     Turn on That Humidifier

Dry weather is another cause behind having a dry mouth. You should add some moisture inside your room. Turn on the humidifier to regain the lost moisture.


3.     Chew on Some Cardamom

As soon as you are done with having your meal, take a few pieces of green cardamom and chew on them. It will help you in releasing saliva inside your mouth. You can even drink cardamom tea twice daily for getting rid of a dry mouth.



4.     Rub Some Grapeseed Oil

Pour a few drops of grapeseed oil on your fingers and rub it on your tongue and inner cheeks. Rinse your mouth the next morning with warm water and brush your teeth.



5.     Avoid taking Oily Food

Oily food can cause more dryness in the mouth. So, in such circumstances, the intake of oily food should be avoided. Also, you should try not to eat spicy food as well when you have a dry mouth.