There are many people who try to gain entries into countries like the US, Canada or UK by cheating the system. One common technique these people try is immigration marriage fraud, in which these people marry a citizen to gain a way to enter their country. Such an action is a crime, and considered a fraud in most countries. Reporting a fraud by whistle blowers on immigration are highly appreciated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The penalty for immigration marriage fraud is deportation, or up to five year in prison, or a fine of $250,000.


There are many citizens who actually are paid to marry a foreign national, and there are some who cheat a citizen by playing in love temporarily. Either way, if you know someone dealing with such a case or suspect a couple trying to illegally gain entry into the US, you can take the following steps to report the immigration marriage fraud anonymously:


  1. Collect concrete evidence to prove the fraud. Gather their information, which will include their name, sponsor’s name, addresses, immigration number, and aliases, if possible.


  1. Contact the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division, who are actually the police force for immigration in the US. You can contact them on their website,, or call them at 1-(866)-DHS-2-ICE.


  1. You can contact the USCIS at 1-(800)-375-5283. Here, you will speak to a live representative, and the information you give will be recorded. You can also set an appointment at an InfoPass to personally meet with an USCIS official and discuss the fraud marriage.