If you plan to give your dad a nice gift on his birthday or on father’s day this year, a beer can airplane is an inexpensive and impressive toy model you can give him that will surely make him smile with delight. It’s an instant favorite for all beer-loving fathers, and it is actually a very fun project to work on for yourself! They can be used as decorations in the living room or your dads work desks in home offices.

How to Make a Beer Can Airplane

A beer can airplane can be made in a few hours if you follow the steps below.

Things you will need

  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • 8 empty cans
  • Ruler
  • Glue



Step 1:

Cut the top and bottom parts of 8 empty beer cans. Then cut 5 cans from its top till the bottom and make it into a smooth flat sheet with the help of a rolling pin. You will need the bottoms of the cans so don’t throw them away.


Step 2:

From the 6 sheets you have now, take one out, and cut 6 long 1-inch struts into it with a width of 3.5 inches. Also cut 2 short struts for the wings in the dimensions of 1.5-inches by 2-inches. You have to fold the long struts now in half lengthwise, and fold the wing struts cross ways. The ends of these folded pieces should be into tabs then.


Step 3:

Insert the tabs 1, 3, and 5 now into the body of the plane; tabs 2 and 4 will be the supports of the tail.


Step 4:

For the tailpiece, you need to cut a small rectangle with the dimensions 3-inch by 6-inch from one of the beer can sheets. Cut open a slit upright and then you have to further carve another 3 slits for the tabs.


Step 5:

With another 2 sheets, cut out 2 strips that measure 3.5-inches, which will form the wings of the plane. Overlap the strips then so that a rectangle measuring 3.5-inch by 13-inches is created. Now, make slits in it that are 2-inches from the very ends of these. Do this by adjusting the tabs you made on the longer struts. Make a 0.5-inch crease on both the sides of the struts. Make a hole in the very center of the wing and repeat this process son the other wing.


Step 6:

Now cut another rectangle that is 3-inch by 7-inch. Fold this rectangle crosswise and then rivet it to make the tail. You will then have to make another 4 cuts, each 0.5-inches in length, at the bottom side to create 5 new tabs on it.


Step 7:

With the remaining 2 beer cans, cut three slits into their sides and insert the tails side-by-side.


Step 8:

On one of the beer cans, make 2-inch by 4-inch slits that are set 1-inch apart, and make a hole through this can. Slide in the wings through this slit.


Step 9:

Now make slits for the shorter wings and the wheel struts that will be at the very bottom of the airplane.


Step 10:

Attach the 2 parts of the plane now by connecting them from the top wing to the body, and then attach the wings with the struts.


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