Fingernail ridges are the lines which may appear on your nails. They can be either horizontal or vertical, but whatever direction they are in, they take away all the gorgeousness of your nails away from them.

You may get these ridges because of various reasons; some of them can be medical while most of them are because of the everyday exposure of your nails. You can even inherit these ridges as well. Fingernail ridges are also present because of dryness, lack of nutrition and long exposure to detergents.

Whatever the reason might be, you can get rid of ridges by following a few simple home remedies.



Hydration is a very important factor. Since ridges may appear because of dryness of the nails, or overall dryness present inside your body, you can get rid of them by drinking plenty of water.


Omega 3

Take a diet which is rich in Omega3 acids. You can even take one capsule of it a day and you will see your ridges going away soon.


Vitamin E

Invest in a good nail cream enriched with Vitamin E. Rub it daily on your nails before going to bed.


Wear Gloves

Whether you wash your dishes yourself or do the laundry by hand, wear gloves to keep your hands and nails secured.



Use your buffer on the ridges. Be sure that you are gentle with the process. You will soon see the ridges disappearing for good.