Disposing of diesel fuel may be required when you are trying to get rid of an old vehicle in the garage, or when you want to remove an old container filled with the fuel lying around for too long. Disposing off diesel fuel needs to be done properly as it is hazardous. And even improperly storing it at some is a risk you must not take.


You must be sure on what you have and whether the diesel fuel is pure and uncontaminated. You can test it be using it in any vehicle that runs on diesel fuel. If the fuel is uncontaminated, the vehicle will function properly. Transfer the fuel to a container.


Ask around whomever needs diesel fuel for usage in their vehicles or homes. Tell them it is pure. Many people may come forward to ask for it themselves, as it is a highly used material.


If you don’t find any user, contact a local trash company. Tell them about your wish to dispose it, and ask about any household hazardous waste program.


If you find no help from then, search the phone book for a licensed hazardous waste collector, and contact them. They will get your hands off of the substance.