To get into the retail business, products have to be distributed and sold slowly in the beginning. A perfect start would be a bazaar booth, where stalls allow a first step into the world of market. Bazaars can give you an outlook on where your products may stand in markets in the future. To get a positive response from buyers, your bazaar booth must be well set and displayed on point. Remember that planning and preparation are the main keys to professionally attracting attention to your purpose and future goods for sale. So set a bazaar booth up at the next convention, fair, or festival to promote your product or organization. Causes can be promoted at a bazaar booth as well.


Here are the steps needed in setting up a bazaar booth:Bazaar Booth


  • Some of the things you will need will be folding tables, plastic or paper bags, baskets, masking tape, tablecloths, cash drawers, sales tax charts, display racks, chairs, thumbtacks, money and change, calculator, posters, decorations (like balloons, string lights, flowers, etc.) or seasonal decorations, poster boards, crepe paper, and banners.


  • Visit the place your booth will be set and see the size of the area your booth will be put in. This will give you an idea on how to arrange the space for your booth. You have to set a makeshift cashier and use the walls for display. Make a floor plan to determine where the tables and shelves will be placed, and check how your merchandise can be hung on the walls. Depending on the venue and event, you may also need a tent or canopy to cover your booth from wind or sunlight.


  • If tables aren’t provided to you, take portable ones for your products to be displayed over. Use light tables that are sturdy so that they can be moved around easily. Folding tables are the easiest and most practical tables for booths.


  • Utilize furniture from your home like shelves or racks for the booth. These can aid in displaying the items you are selling.

  • Place clean tablecloths over the tables, and decorate over it according to a theme to appeal customers. Add decorations and colorful attractions to bring in customers. Using white tablecloths will make your products and items stand out more.


  • Arrange the items neatly and see how your customers would view these clearly. Keep the large ones in the back and small ones in the front. You should be able to see all angles of the booth while you tend to customers.


  • Mark the prices on all items visibly. The pricing should be fair and not too high. This will attract more buyers. For a start, you should keep low prices to gain more buyers.


  • Set your cash drawers and chair with a calculator in the center of the booth. Keep plastic or paper bags near you to add the sold items into.


  • Get flyers or visiting cards printed to hand out to customers who may be interested in future purchases with you.


  • If your booth is large or you need breaks, hire volunteers to work with you.


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