Brown spots on your skin can appear due to a number or reason e.g  Aging, sun exposure, genetics etc. A lot of other factors like stress, certain vitamin deficiencies , weak liver , pregnancy may also add up to the problem.  These spots are not harmful at all but however may end up making you look unattractive. There are quite a lot of cosmetic treatments available in the market to help you eliminate them but then the surgeon’s bill could cost you a fortune.

Here we will tell you some nice and easy tips to lighten these spots and eventually eradicate them once and for all.


1)Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective remedies for various skin issues including brown spots. You will need to dilute apple cider vinegar will equal amount of water ; add bit just a bit of honey to the mixture and apply it on the effected area. Practice this routine for a few days until you get the required results. Alternatively, you can also add ACV (Apple cider vinegar) will equal amount of orange juice and apply it on the effective area and leave it till it dries. Repeat once or twice a daily for 2-4 weeks and see the spots vanish.


2)Lemon Juice:

Having  the best bleaching properties lemon juice can be very effective in cleaning the brown spots off your skin besides keeping it soft , clear and beautiful . Apply lemon juice with the help of a cotton bud directly on your skin and let dry for 15-20 mins. Repeat the procedure once a day for a month or two and see the best results.  Avoid direct sunlight exposure or use sun block when required.


3)Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has best skin regeneration properties and aids healing. Gently rub fresh aloe vera gel on the skin and let is dry for 15-20 mins. Repeat the procedure for 1 month to see positive results. In case fresh aloe vera isn’t available you may use aloe vera juice which is readily available in the market.