Sadly, over the period of time, any kitchen will have greasy cabinets. Grime plagues and clings to kitchen counters and cabinetry, and the longer they prevail there, the stickier they become. You can remove those stubborn blotches with a few nit picks at home.



Vinegar is very useful in cooking, and also in cleaning! Wet a clean cloth with white vinegar, and wipe that cloth over your greasy cabinets. Now rinse the cloth with warm water, and use it to clean the cupboards with. Finally, use a paper towel to dry the wet surfaces.



Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soaps are alkaline-based, which makes them the ability to cut through the grease. In a container, fill up hot water from your sink. Add 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid to it. Wear gloves, as the water will be very hot. With the help of a sponge, clean the cabinets with this water. Clean in circular motions, and change the water if it cools.


Vegetable Oil

Hardened and sticky grease stains on cabinets can be cleaned with vegetable oil. This oil will soften the glued stains and remove its strong hold on the cabinets. Mix a small amount of vegetable oil with 2-parts of baking soda. Rub the paste with a soft cloth on the cabinet. Clean the hinges and handles too with this. In the end, wash the cabinets with warm water mixed with a small dash of dishwashing soap.


With these simple 3 hacks, you can get your kitchen looking like it has never been used!