I love it how I can simply do a lot of DIYs on certain days. The other day, I had some guests arriving at my place, a newly married couple friends with both me and my husband. So, I wanted to give them a warm feeling at home as they were just supposed to stay for a night only. I was planning to fill a basket with chocolates, a bottle of wine, some dark chocolate cookies and possible anything which everyone enjoys. The only problem was that I didn’t have a basket and I honestly didn’t even have a budget enough to buy a new one considering the fact that I had already spent a lot on purchasing the other stuff.

This is when I decided to grab one of the beautiful beach towels lying in my linen cupboard and make a basket using a few towels from it.

Things You Require

  • A rectangular towel
  • Some safety pins

·        Step 1


Take the long side of the towel. Fold it in half with the open side facing towards you.

·        Step 2


Now divide the towel into 3 portions and fold it in 3rds by starting with the top one. Fold the last one on the upward direction.

·        Step 3


The towel is now in a rectangular position. Now fold it into thirds from the side as well. one end should overlap the other.

·        Step 4


Now you have to take the middle fold and simply tuck it into the top one. Your towel should be resembling a ring in a flattened form now.

·        Step 5


You can now secure the shape of the ring with a safety pin or two if needed. Make sure that the pin is hidden under the folds.

·        Step 6


Now gently lift the towel in an upright position. The tucked in area should be facing towards your side. The inner folds should be facing upwards.

·        Step 7


Now, you have to form the base of your basket. Start pushing the inner folds towards the inside. Start with the first two and move on towards the other. Push them slowly and gradually. Once you are done with them all, the base, and I in fact, your complete basket is formed.

·        Step 8


Decorate the basket with anything you like. I personally like tying a ribbon around it. Fill it up with the goodies or whatever else you want.