Confrontation is inevitable in a workplace at any given time. People have different attitudes and problems in their day to day lives that leads to stress and frustration which can come out in the office. This can lead to simple arguments, conflicts, and quarrels in a work space.

To manage a conflict peacefully and assertively, a follow-up of the entire scenario has to be written by the management and the employees respectively. The report is usually asked by the human resource department and if you are a witness, you will be asked to give a written explanation. This is a letter explaining employee confrontation. Here is a sample on writing this letter which explains the employee disagreement.


Format of the Letterexplaining letter sample

  • List the incidents that led to the confrontation. The letter must contain all details.
  • Write to the audience professionally, and remain biased. Under no circumstances should the letter be one-sided, but fair and non-judgmental.
  • Focus on the events you witnessed.
  • Do not report hearsay.
  • Use a standard business letter format.
  • Explain why you stepped in or tried to stop the quarrel if you did.
  • Have a professional tone throughout the letter.





December 10, 2001


Park Avenue

987 Speedway Road

Liberty Crown Plaza, CA 976543


Letter Regarding Employee Confrontation on December 8, 2001


Respected Sir,

I write this letter to inform your about the details of the confrontation at work that took place between Mr. Edward Haris and Mrs. Julie Lane on December 8, 2001. As you must know, Mr. Haris and Mrs. Lane have been working at our company for the past 3 years, and we all have built a strong relationship with them. However, since Mrs. Lane’s divorce was settled, she has been acting very off from the office. She has been very emotional and stressed out,  leading to anger tantrums often in the office. She was also seen arguing with the cleaner outside the bathroom by me.


As I went to discuss the new project detail with the two in the conference room, I saw Mrs. Lane angrily approaching Mr. Haris over a matter of the missing stapler from her desk. Apparently, she believed he had taken it as a “joke”. This was not the case, as the supplies had been taken into accountability a day before by the Management office. Naturally, Mr. Haris was quite offended as she labelled him with theft in her heated discussion with him. This led to their argument and quarrel in the office. Both parties used harsh words and foul language then. 


The two were head on as I tried to break them apart. Being a woman, I respect Mrs. Lane and did not wish any injury upon her during this fragile moment of her life. Understanding her situation as well, I stepped in to handle the two, and tried to settle their disagreement.


Despite Mrs. Lane’s issues in her personal life, I wish to keep a professional attitude in the office and I would appreciate it if you emphasize this too with all the employees in our work space so that no actions are taken that disturb the office decorum in the future.


Thank you for your consideration,

Yours Sincerely,

David Benton,

Senior Advisor,

Jasonmet Publications



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