The sun, pollution, stress, and harsh chemical-based products can create havoc on the skin after overexposure to them. The skin turns dark and dull, which most men and women both fright from these days. Although there is a flood of products in the market of skin lightening or whitening creams, these may worsen the condition and have detrimental effects.


To save your time, health and money, why not try some natural home remedies at home? These remedies are effective in lightening, and also, brightening the skin. But do keep in mind: skin color is genetic. These remedies aid in keeping the skin from turning darker.


Yogurt comprises of lactic acid, which is known to have bleaching properties. Gently rub yogurt on the skin, and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Do this daily for several weeks to see a significant change in your complexion.

You can also add honey with yogurt and apply it to your neck and face for 15 minutes a day to see and improvement in skin tone.

Adding lemon juice and oatmeal to yogurt forms a skin whitening paste like none other. Apply this paste like a mask, and wash off after it dries with cool water.



Lemons are a known for being a natural bleach, as they contain high amounts of vitamin C. simply, dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply over the skin. Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

By mixing turmeric with lemon juice, you can form a skin lightening formula as well. Apply it to the skin for 30 minutes, and then wash off. Repeat 3 times a week to see a difference.

Mix lemon juice in powdered milk and honey, and apply it on the face and neck for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water, and repeat this procedure daily.

Remember to apply sunblock when you go out of the house. Get a sunblock with an SPF higher than 50.


Raw potatoes have a juice with mild bleaching properties. Cut the raw potato open and rub it over the skin daily to see significant results.


Turmeric is a spice that inhibits melanin production – which is the main pigment responsible for skin darkening. Make it as a mask with either lemon juice or cucumber juice and rub it over the area you wish to lighten. Leave it on for 15 minutes, before rinsing off.


Aloe Vera can be used for skin lightening, as it is soothing and moisturizing when applied over the skin. Simply, break a leaf of aloe from its plant and cut it open. Take out the gel-like substance and rub this sap over your skin daily.