Gucci was established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. The famous, and expensive, fashion house has set itself as a dominating Italian fashion brand in the world, producing a wide array of products. The brand produces clothing items, handbags, shoes, wallets, belts, suits, and many more accessories. However, their sky-high prices are a barrier to many buyers, and these then end up buying fakes to fulfill their desires.


The most commonly replicated product from Gucci’s line of fashion products are its belts. To spot fake Gucci belts is not an easy task, but to learn how to spot fake Gucci belts requires care and precision. In order for you to understand the difference between an original and a fake Gucci belt, you will need a keen eye. Follow some tricks and these tips to find out the original Gucci belts in no time.

Tips to Learn How To Spot Fake Gucci Belts

  • Check the price of the belt and compare it with the store you are making the purchase from. Think: real Gucci belt cheap priced? That would be impossible. Visit the authentic website for Gucci or their store and check the prices of belts to compare what your buyer is offering. A real Gucci belt normally costs above $300. Any price below this will most likely be a fake.


  • The next step is the Gucci serial number check. Check the serial number on the inner side of the belt. Most brands come with a unique serial number for their makes, and you will spot one on an original Gucci belt. This serial number will be of 21 digits, and anything less will be a fake. A fake belt has no serial number on it most of the times. You can also enter the serial number on the belt on Gucci’s website to check its validity.

  • Check the buckle of the belt. Every Gucci belt will have “GUCCI” as their buckle, or they will have two “Gs” facing one another. The Gs will be identical, and if they aren’t, the belt is a fake. Another original buckle will be a single G in gold color. New belts from Gucci have snake buckles, tiger faced buckles, and dragon head buckles. Whatever the buckle shape is, the back of these buckles will say “Made in Italy” clearly. Any other country or incoherent engraving will be a fake. You can see an example of this on this fake white Gucci belt in the picture.


  • Check the official Gucci website to see the difference between the original and fake. You can see if this belt being offered to you is sold by Gucci. Some fakes cannot copy the design similarly and you will spot that it is a fake. By seeing their products online will open your knowledge on pricing and designs of Gucci belts as you can zoom in to see their details on each picture. And if you visit their store, you can see how original Gucci belts feel at touch. Their material is softer due to the fine material it is made out of.


  • Check for misspells in the counterparts of the belt. Look around the belt to find any traces of hints of it being fake. The biggest fail is when there is a misspelled word or the alphabets are not correctly and finely engraved. See the tag and markings for misspelled words.

  • Check the material of the belt. Hold it in your hands to feel as original Gucci belts are made from the finest leather. The smell of pure leather will come from it. A fake will have a rigid material at touch and it will not be genuine leather. It will smell like cheap material.

  • Check the packaging of the belt. The packaging of the belt will include all tags, dust bags, an authentic Gucci card that has a serial number on it, and a gold tissue paper wrapped around the belt itself. This belt will be nestled inside a shiny golden square box. An original Gucci belt will be in a dust bag with an authentic card in it. The dust bag will be made from a fine quality material, and the dust bag will have even stitching on it. The smell in the bag will be that of leather. Fake belts may or may not come in bags with the cards.

  • You will then check the stitching of the belt. An original belt will have a neat stitch all around it, without any untidy threads or material sticking out from the edges. There will also be only 5 holes on the belt for the buckle pin.

  • Check the receipt you receive when you get the Gucci belt. The serial number should be printed on it. You must look at the date and time writing on the receipt and where it was bought from if buying from a buyer. The receipt will also mention the name of the buyer, and under it, it will say “Gucci. Firenze 1921”. This will apply only when the Gucci belt was bought by the buyer from the official Gucci store.