Yoga toes are toe separators that are designed for the health of the feet. These are made out of plastic and gel, and are worn while watching TV or just relaxing after a hectic day, when the feet are tired. It relieves pain in the heels, and toes that is caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes.


Yoga toes have become a must-have item in households. The toe-stretching device promotes maximum foot comfort like non other. They actually remove discomfort, and they are affordable. In addition, yoga toes eliminate calluses, hammertoes, bunions, and many other painful foot conditions. Yoga toes are manufactured by many companies, but the original ones were first brought forth by YogaToes®, and manufactured by Yoga Pro™.


In order to use them correctly and gain maximum benefit, read below to learn the correct way to use yoga toes:


  1. Consult a general physician before wearing yoga toes.


  1. Yoga toes can be worn any time of the day, but should not be worn when standing. They can be even worn when going to bed at night.


  1. Always make the toes wet when using them. This has to be done by placing them in a tub for a few minutes, and then placing them around your toes.


  1. If the toes feel uncomfortable, remove them.


  1. After every use, clean the yoga toes.