Linen is one of the most favorite fabrics for clothing as it can be worn in both winters and summers, just like cotton. However, another common factor it has with cotton is that it requires special care when it comes to its washing as it tends to shrink. The reality isn’t so bad when you know the correct way to wash and dry your linen garments, and it is actually super-easy to follow.

Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen tends to wrinkle very easily, which makes one want to send it to the dry cleaners. But the first secret to follow the care and launder of linen clothing is washing them at home. By washing them at home, you will extend the life of your clothes.

Another important tip to follow is wash them separate from heavy clothing items; such as jeans, towels, or sweatshirts. This is because over-handling linen garments leads to their damage as the fibers that make up the fabric are structured. Wash them with lightweight clothing items; like undergarments, or cottons.

Linen requires gentle machine wash was or hand wash in cold water while using a mild detergent. Remember, if you wash them in hand, avoid wringing it as the fibers will get twisted by it. Harsh laundry detergents can dull the colors of the fabric and decrease the life of it too. Opt for a detergent that is specifically designed for soft fabrics, like baby clothing, or you can also look for detergents that are made for linens alone. Once washed, it needs to be air-dried. If you are running low on time, it can be machine dried, but keep the temperature set to cool and remove them from the machine when they are still slightly damp. Over drying linen can make the fabric very stiff and wrinkly.

If you dry them by lying them flat on a clean floor or hanging them straight, you can even avoid creases forming. One tip you can follow is that dry them by hanging them in a hanger and they dry out like they are full ironed!