Textured ceiling are a part of most homes as they enhance the beauty of a room. The only problem with these lovely additions to your house is their maintenance, as cleaning or repairing a textured ceiling could be quite a hassle! If you wish to attempt repairing it at home to save yourself a few bucks, here is a detailed DIY technique on fixing it easily:

Things you will need:

  • Knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush
  • Dustsheet
  • Stain sealant
  • Paint
  • Scraper

What you will do:


  1. Cover the floor with a dustsheet, as fixing the ceiling will be a messy job.


  1. Remove the pieces of the ceiling that are damaged with the help of a knife or scarper.


  1. Sand the areas around the damaged patches of the ceiling that are now removed.


  1. Apply the drywall compound to the effected areas with the knife. Make the compound flat with the knife, and leave it to dry.


  1. Sand the area with sandpaper now again so that the surface is smooth.


  1. If there is a stain around the area of the damaged ceiling, like that caused by water, you will have to apply a coat of stain sealant with a brush.


  1. Apply the paint to the ceiling now so that the repair is unnoticeable.


  1. Clean up the area and the brushes and let the roof dry for 48 hours.