Valentine’s Day is a time to show affection and love for your near and dear ones. Teachers are an indelible part of our personal and professional development right from the very beginning. So what better day than Valentine’s Day to show them how grateful you are to them for their support and guidance. School parties at Valentine’s can be quite daunting if your child has not picked up the right present for the teacher. While children can exchange candies and cards amongst each other, it is always a cumbersome task to finalize what to present to the teacher. Here are some fun ideas that will make your teacher feel supremely special on Valentine’s Day:


Glitter Hearts: These glittery hanging hearts bring a smile to everyone’s face. It is the perfect gift for a teacher. While adult supervision is required for the cutting, the supplies are easily available at home and what one really needs is a lot of glitter and glue. It may get messy but the end product is worth all the trouble!original_handmade-glitter-heart-cake-topper


Handmade Cards: Nothing says love better than handmade cards. It shows effort and helps convey the message of gratitude for one’s teacher. The supplies required for this are simple and easily available. One just needs to cut out a squared colored chart paper and get creative with the text and pictures. Your child can draw on it or paste pictures to make it more vibrant and colorful.card-19217865-81563b88


Breakfast Items: Food is bound to cheer everyone up. Your child can surprise the teacher with his or her favorite doughnuts or bagels with cream cheese with a little note of appreciation attached to it. Not only does it show mindfulness to what one likes but really brightens up one’s day.


Sweet Treats: Who doesn’t love sweet treats? And one does not have to necessarily bring in factory processed goodies but give healthy alternatives such as fruits wrapped nicely in a bag.sweet-treats-clipart-1


Bookmarks: It is always good to give presents that are practical and can be used by the teachers. And bookmarks never go out of fashion. You can help you child make a colorful bookmark using a few simple items. Further, one can print out loving quotes or any quote expressing gratitude and use it to make a bookmark.


 Personalized Coffee Mug: Help your child transform a regular mug into something personal. Find a mug with a cute valentine day inscription or use one at your home and wrap it around with personalized printed messages. One can use it to store stationary or have tea or coffee!