Created in the 1920s, the finger wave hairstyle was a major hit in the 1990s, and has now become famously adorned by most Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet. A finger wave hairstyle comprises of soft wave-like folds through the hair, giving a sexy, classic and glamorous hairdo.



Here is a look on creating a black hairstyle finger wave:


  1. Wet your hair properly, using your favorite shampoo and conditioner.


  1. Towel-dry the hair, not fully drying it.cfd3324998a9512522be85e5d9e47712


  1. Apply a liberal amount of gel that strongly holds your hair. Be thorough on the top and from of the hair.


  1. With a wide-toothed comb, part your hair to one side. Pull the main side back till the crown of your head, keeping it straight and neat.


  1. Comb this bigger side of the hair, and place your forefinger parallel to the part. Now press down so that the hair next to the part place is aligned with the finger.


  1. Comb the hair that is next to your finger’s back and keep the finger firm in its place so that the hair under it remain in the forward-combed position. With the comb, brush the hair next to the finger backward.


  1. With your middle finger, hold the hair next to the forefinger.


  1. The hair that lifts in between the fingers will be the finger wave. Keep this in place with a metal clamp.


  1. Comb through the hair and continue making more waves this way.


  1. Wave the hair on the other side of your hair part the same way as well.step-three


  1. Let the hair dry.


  1. If you have long hair, create soft curls at the length of your hair with curlers. Do the same for a bob haircut as well.


  1. Remove the clamps and the curlers. Do not comb through the waves.


  1. Spray hairspray over your hair.