With the emergence of grey hair in any woman’s beautiful locks, the nightmare begins. Although grey hair is an inevitable fate of old age and time, no one wants to welcome them. Premature greying of hair is becoming common as well due to hormones, diets, stress and the strong chemicals in hair products.


The good news is, there are several ways to get rid of grey hair naturally! Here are a few tips on how you can add the color back to you crowning glory.


Onions are known scientifically to prevent greying hair and hair loss due to it rich source of biotin and sulfur. These minerals aid in making hair strong, shiny, and dark. Simply peel some onions and extract their juice in a blender. Apple this juice on your scalp for 45 minutes.


Gooseberries are great in creating dark and thick lusters. Mix a tablespoon of it with lemon juice and apply it to the scalp every night. Wash off in the morning. You can also mix it with almond oil and apply it in the same way for get rid of whitening hair.


Curry leaves mixed with coconut oil can help premature greying of the hair, as both ingredients contain an ample source of nutrients and vitamins needed by the hair. Mix ¼ cup leaves with 1-cup oil and boil for 10 minutes. Strain the oil and massage the mixture on your scalp once it cools. Leave this on for 30 minutes, and the shampoo off.


Black seed oil and olive oil can promote the growth of dark hair. Mix both oils in an equal amount and massage onto the scalp every night, wash off in the morning. Drinking black seed oil (1-teaspoon) a day will speed up the process.


Rosemary and sage is a cure for greying hair. Boil half a cup of rosemary and the same amount of sage in water for 30 minutes. Let this mixture cool for a few hours. Apply this to your hair and wash off once it dries.


Fenugreek is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of grey hair, this is also known as an old wives technique. It is a health supplement that is beneficial for the entire body by consuming fenugreek sprouts daily. One can also make a paste which is applied on the hair directly.


Black Tea  is also a very effective way to lessen grey hair as it acts as a natural conditioner when added with salt.you can prepare this by taking a cup of black tea and you can add a tablespoon of salt to it. apply it to your hair and wash it with shampoo afterwards. You will see the results instantly and you would love it.


Wheat Sprouts taken orally as what you consume also makes a big difference on your health.make a juice of wheat sprouts and have it daily as this would have  significant benefits which is necessary to flaunt those everlasting looks.