A turf burn is a common injury for anyone who plays sports, like football and soccer. It arises due to friction and abrasions after skidding on turf grass that is artificial, or on a lawn. The skid rips of the topmost layer of the skin, making a raw and red appearance along with bleeding. This is an excruciating and painful abrasion, which, if left untreated, can cause infection and chances of scarring. Timely treatment of the turf burn is thus, very important.


Here is the right way to heal a turf burn:


  • Clean the wound properly, as a turf burn is dirty. Wash the burn with soap and water gently, and rub with a gauze pad to remove any fragments.


  • Next, clean the wound with saline solution, and rinse it so that the debris comes off. You can mix a pinch of salt in water and use it to clean the wound. Avoid applying alcohol or iodine, as it will increase the pain and cause more damage.


  • Giving pressure, apply a sterile gauze over the turf burn. This will stop the bleeding.


  • Apply hydro-gel generously over the burn as a dressing. Cover it with an occlusive dressing then.


  • You will have to keep a watch on the turf burn for any signs of infections. The redness will increase or pus may form if it has been infected. Consult a doctor if an infection starts.


  • Remember to remove the dressing daily, and clean the wound every time. Use an anti-biotic cream over it and apply a new sterile gauze then. When re-bandaging, apply more hydro-gel and use a fresh occlusive dressing.


Normally, a turf burn takes 7 to 10 days to heal. You should remove the dressing once a pink skin appears over the abrasion.