A toxic relationship is a relationship in which one partner is emotionally (and, rarely, physically) damaging the other partner. This is due to the toxic partners controlling nature, although they may not be physically threatening, they may evade the space and privacy of the other partner in a way that stresses the other partner. A toxic relationship does not have to be a romantic relationship, but it can qualify as a relationship between a mother and daughter, a boss and employee, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can qualify into it as well. When someone brings you down consistently, your relationship with that person is toxic.


Since toxic relationship can emotionally damage you and lead you to health problems, the best way to go is to step out of it as soon as you can. Below are some ways on how you can end a toxic relation with someone:


Identifying you are in a toxic relationship

You need to determine your relationship level of understanding. Are you feeling inauthentic, or drained, or exhausted when with them? Do you feel like a piece of you is subtracted after seeing them? Do you feel disappointed by their comments or behavior towards you? Are you feeling like you give more to them than they are giving you? If your answers were mostly yes, you need to step out of denial and run from this relationship.


Giving up the excuses because of the rewards

There is a hidden reason behind your staying in this relationship. Are the financially supporting you? Are you scared of being alone? Do they complement you in ways that makes up for their bad attitude to you? Do not justify their behavior as an excuse to stay with them. Remember, it’s better to be alone than with a person that’s making you feel alone.

Seeing the benefits of getting out of the relationship

You personally cannot grow in a toxic relationship. This is because you are constantly blamed for everything. Your feelings or opinions won’t matter in this relationship, making you feel small constantly. This will lead to a stifled reversion, and stress inhibits the person at the other end.


Talk to them

The toughest part of being in a toxic relationship is sharing your concerns with the toxic person as their dominance pressurizes you in speaking about the emotional pain you are going through by being around them. Gain the courage of speaking to them and get to your point quickly. Express your feelings and what they do that makes you feel tired. Remain clear and firm to let them know what you need from them or guide them to transform the relationship. If they cannot understand you, the relationship should be over.


Learning to let go

Let go of the relationship if you cannot work out on this form of relation. Remove that person from your life and release your guilt. You are allowed to grieve and mourn the end of this relationship.


Surround yourself with positive people

Now is the time to resurface and rekindle with other people. Exercise, make hobbies, travel, or join a club to open your horizon. Do things that make you feel good, and socialize with people that enourage you to a positive life.


Remember to love yourself

You come first, because you are born alone and you die alone. You deserve to be happy and enjoy life. Have a happy life by surrounding yourself with people and things you love.