Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your class can be fun if you create a few games and activities with them. Here is a list of some of the best valentine party ideas for children you can have to make this day more special for them.





Valentine’s Day Puzzles

Take a print of a Valentine game puzzle online, and choose between Valentine word scramble, Valentine word searches, or cryptograms. You can take a print of the answers for yourself to decipher the game at the end of the class.











Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

You can create a giant tic-tac-toe board game for the kids with a red poster and a few handmade or printed heart images. Set the game between two kids or make more boards and set an even number of kids on each. You can even create a heart-shaped bean bag for the board to play with.




Valentine Bingo

You can take a few prints of a Valentine’s bingo game online, and tailor the cards with heart and paint. You can select those cards that highlight the skills of class like colors, or handwriting. You can even use pictures instead of texts with the player checking their bingo off in a match.



Hide-and-Seek the Heart

Use the beanbag heart you made for the tic-tac-toe game for this. Simply, have a child leave the room, while the other kids in the class hide the heart. The first child will come in and then search for it. The children can help them by saying hot or cold.



Broken Hearts

Make copies of a few hearts, and cut them into two broken shapes. Hand each piece to a child and make them find the other child with their matching piece.

Valentine Mad-Libs

Make the kids work in partners and make them share their funny stories with everyone.


Valentine’s Day Coloring Game

Every child loves coloring, so take Valentine’s day printable coloring pages for them to make them color in class, and then pass their coloring to their favorite child.


Pin the Lips

Create a chart with “Mrs. Valentine” head on it. On another chart, print or draw a few lips . FOr the game, tape Mrs. Valentine on a board or wall, and line up the kids. Blindfold each one on their turn and ask them to pin the lips on her.