A house renting agreement letter is sent to a prospective landlord by someone who is interested in moving into a property they own. The letter encompasses all the terms and conditions that have been agreed by both the parties – i.e. the landlord and renter. These letters avoid rental scams, as most oral agreements are not pertained by unfair landlords. A letter will contain all the promises and agreements made by the two in terms of the house, such as the rent amount, amount deposited , repairs to be made by landlord, etc. The agreement letter can be used legally if the landlord does not fulfill his word. But the letter is also used by landlords when renters claim for more than agreed terms.


Below is a sample of a house renting agreement letter:



Danielle Holmes

Ashwood County, Stan Road, 97655

Ohio Green, OH, 08654


Date: 7 April, 2012


Stanley Cooper

Bridgeton Apple Homes, North Highway, 97765

Northington, OH, 08978


Dear Mr. Cooper,

I write this letter to thank you deeply for agreeing to have me as your rent your home, on Richmond Ave., OH, for a year. According to our understanding,, I shall make the security deposit of an amount $3,800 as advance, and then begin paying the rent agreed upon of $1,600 monthly after two months have passed. The rent shall be deposited into your account on the 5th of every month, and will never be paid later than the 15th of a month. As we agreed, my pet dog shall move in with me, and you will add a pet door to the kitchen from the backside.


Please do contact me if you require a change in this agreement, and if not, then after 30 days, this agreement shall be our legal binding. You can reach me at (787)454-324-1267, or ghtax@aol.com.




Danielle Holmes