London has become a fashion hub, as it homes some of the best and top-most brands from around the globe. Every fashion house imaginable has set up a store there, and what’s more, is that UK itself has produced most of these fine designers. London stores offer customers a wide choice of British designers.


You can visit these fashion brand’s stores altogether in London. Some of the most popular fashion brands that hub in London are listed below:


Alexander McQueen

The Londener designer who was known for his exquisite tailoring from the best of fabrics has flagship stores dotting across Londen. McQueen’s creations are available at Bond Street, and McO on Dover Street.




Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl launched her fashion line in 2008, and has since grown into a major brand. The fashion label offers clothing items, accessories, and eyewear. Her dominant store sits on Mayfair.




The British luxury fashion label is the most prominent brand in the world. Known for its iconic-checkered print – which is a much-copied tartan now – the store is the holder of Royal Warrants.




French Connection United Kingdom (FCUK) is a fashion brand that has acquired much fame around the world. From clothing to fragrances, glasses, accessories and toiletries, the brand is a leading brand in UK since it was introduced in 1972.



Marks & Spencer

Famously known as M&S, the brand was named after its two founders, who were two English men, named Sir Michael Marks, and Thomas Spencer. Not only are they a hit in the fashion world with their excellent quality products, they also sell food items. They have nearly 1010 stores all over the world.



Stella McCartney


The London-born designer and daughter of Paul McCartney is a hot celebrity designer because of her chic clothing ideas. Her flagship stores are on Burton Street and the Fulham Road Branch.



Vivienne Westwood

A pioneer of rock and punk looks since the 70s, this brand has turned into an international fashion icon.





Paul Smith

This label is the king of men’s fashion, as it celebrates the classic tailoring of British’s finest. The brand has a trademark striped shirts and cufflinks collection like none other, along with wallets, watches, fragrances, and accessories. A line of furniture has also been launched by the brand.



Dorothy Perkins

Founded in 1990, Dotty P, or Dorothy Perkins is a worldwide famous fashion brand now. It is headquartered in London, and has branched out into other countries as well.





Burton is a top fashion brand that was founded in 1903. The label offers clothing for men and women, and styles from casual to formal. It is headquartered in London, and has 400 plus stores in UK and Ireland.