A scholarship appeal letter is a request made to the college or university for financial-aid support when you attend the school. Usually, the school will offer a scholarship that is less than your ideal target. It is then that a scholarship appeal can be made to them, where you convince them to give you another chance and a bigger scholarship.


Follow these guidelines to write an effectively scholarship appeal letter with a professional tone:



Mr. Simon J. Howen


Head of Department of Education Council


University of Fairview

2389 Norton Drive

Brooklyn, NY 11234

21 August, 2012




Dear Mr. Simon,


I am writing you to make an appeal for the pursuing of a scholarship on my admission to your prestigious university. I have seen on your online website and circulars on the notice boards around the campus of scholarship offers to bright and capable students. I have the highest SAT score in the state and I am an athlete as well. My college identity card number is HJ-98721, which you can use to track my academic records. I have cleared my Bachelor’s in Commerce with 92% marks from New York University,, and now wish to pursue my Master’s degree in Commerce from this university. I therefore, request my appeal for a scholarship. I am attaching my past certificates and credentials with this letter for your consideration. Your kindness will aid my future studies and career without any hindrances.


Yours Sincerely,


Hasan Daud

3453 Dordent Street

Jacksonville, NY 48670