When you receive an invitation to a “black tie event”, your thoughts may wander to what kind of dress you should be wearing to it. A black tie dress code for any event simply means that it starts after 6 p.m., and that it will be very formal function where men have to where tuxedos. So the term may imply more towards what the men should wear, yet, it is very important for the women to carry a matching formal attire.

The main black tie event options women have in dressing are either floor-length gowns, or fancy cocktail dresses. For floor length dresses, dark and bold colors should be chosen from, like black, navy blue, maroon, emerald green or brown.



Cocktail dresses can vary in color, but they should be a bit sparkly, knee-length, and made from silk or satin, as these would increase the dress’s level of formality.



Women should choose bolder and larger pieces of jewelry with their dress, and wear high-heels with it. A gleaming clutch or an antique one will compliment their look. To enhance the look, make a well-coiffed hairstyle, like a French twist. The makeup should be kept light and subtle with maybe a bit of a bold lip color.