Tinted cars can look expensive and conspicuous, but if the tint has been messed up, the car looses its posh look. The most common tint issue that arises is bubbles, in which air gets trapped under the film of the tint. These are impossible to be removed with a few pushes and rubs, and can only be removed with the right tools and guide.


Here is a guide on removing bubbles from a car window tint:


Things you will need


  • Hair dryer
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Plastic card, like a credit card
  • Safety pin




  1. Get to work on a warm and sunny day, and park the car under the sun, as a car window tint is easier to work with on such temperatures. This makes the adhesive weaken.


  1. Use the hairdryer over the tint to loosen the adhesive by first moistening the tint with a spray bottle filled with water.


  1. With a safety pin, puncture holes in the bubbles, being careful not to rip the tint by moving the pin sideways.


  1. Once the air releases from the tiny hole you made, the air pockets need to be smoothened. With the plastic card, slide that stiff piece at a 45-degree angle and flatten the surface.