In the world we live in, beauty defines everyone. And the slightest error can be fixed now surgically or with a few makeup tricks. Having a crooked nose is considered a major flaw by the people having one, and they continuously try to make it look straight. This is because a crooked nose affects their self-confidence as they remain conscious of it when they go out in public. This will hinder their personality and impression when they are around people. But when there are ways to correct this minor flaw, there is no need to worry! Here are some tips on making that nose look straight, without going under the knife!


Learn how to make a crooked nose look straight with these disguising techniques:


ContouringHow to Make a Crooked Nose Look Straight

You can conceal a bump or raised nose with some dark foundation or concealer. Before applying contouring, you must moisturize the skin. Apply a medium coverage foundation then and blend it on your skin with a sponge. The base foundation you use should match the skin precisely for even coverage. For contouring, invest in a concealer that is two shades darker thank your skin tone, and another concealer two shades lighter thank your skin tone. Nowadays, concealer powders, pencils, and kits are readily available.

To create the illusion of a straight and distinguished nose, apply the dark shade in two straight and vertical lines, each 1/4-in wide, at the sides of the nose. You will start from the inner corner of the eyes, and draw a line all the way down till you reach the nostril.



You can use the light shade on the center of the nose then or use a highlighter to make a sleek nose appearance. Also highlight the nostrils and then finally, blend the nose with a sponge. Highlighter can be replaced with an extra light concealer too.





Nude Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks and soft pinks draws attention away from the nose. Avoid using bold colored lipsticks, and refrain from bright lip shades as draws attention to the nose. The nude or light lip shades will go perfectly with the smokey eyes you will make, as given below.




Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes with a flawless complexion and correct contouring creates all focus on the eyes, and makes a nose look small.







Soft Hairstyles

Do not pull back your entire hair from the face, or worse opt for thick bangs. Such hairstyles makes the nose prominent. Create bouncy hairstyles like loose plaits and detracts the center of the face. You should balance it out by clever parting. Do this by parting the hair the opposite direction of the bump or tip. This means if the bump is on the right, your parting of the hair should be from the left. This will keep the attention away from the nose.




Winged Eyeliner

Make your eyes look longer with flicked or winged eyeliner to get attention off the nose. Wider eyes makes an illusion of a flat and small nose. Simply stretch the eyelid, and apply the liner following the eyelash, extending it out from the corners of the eyes. This will make the eyes look long and sleek.




If you still aren’t satisfied with your nose, then the only option left is to undergo nose surgery. This will be painful and costly, but it will straighten the nose for good. Try the above tips before you make the choice of going for surgery of the nose.



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