Paper raffia is a form of handicraft made from a branch of a large palm tree. Various colors are created by drying the leaves and then dying them in all colors desired. Raffia paper has different uses in the world of arts and handicrafts as one can make numerous pieces of art from it. This is because it has flexibility, and the long lengths allow users to create what they want.


Below is a list of uses of paper raffia:



Decorating Gift Boxes

An inexpensive and unique way to adorn a gift is by complimenting it with raffia paper. Tie the strands around to create a bow, or hang them loose to look like ribbons. You can also make flowers out of it and add over the gift box.








Bags, Baskets, Garlands & Hat Crafting

You can knit raffia into a beautiful braided bag, or a basket. Craft in a single color or use multi-colors to make a unique piece. You can also make a hat from raffia in the same manner.



Wreath & Decoration Creation

Raffia can make a beautiful wreath when twisted together. You can even create hair garlands with it too, and set in raffia flowers in it. Raffia is also used for making decorations when knitted and joined. It can be used on the sides of decoration pieces as well, like candle holders and wall hangings.




Party Decorations

For various events and parties, raffia can be used to make decorations. Birthday parties, Christmas, or Halloween decorations made at home can be done with this form of handicraft.




Rug Weaving

Rugs and door mats can be made from raffia as well. With a patter and stencil, various types of rugs and mats can be made.








Jewelry Making

Bangles and earrings have been made with raffia in various countries. Many young girls make “friendship bracelets” from braiding different colored raffia together.