Every girl needs to learn how to apply eye shadow someday. To head out during the day, or going to work, or simply just partying at night – you need eyes that give a subtly good look, and that can be achieved with the help of eye shadows. If you want to know how you can easily apply eye shadow the right way, follow these steps:


  • Take two colors from your eye shadow kit – a neutral color and a dark shade. Run the eye shadow brush over the neutral shade. Blow lightly to remove excess from the brush.


  • Apply the light eye shadow to the eye lid by running the brush across the lid, starting from the lash line above the crease, and then sweeping upward towards the brow (but don’t go till the brow).


  • Now run the brush over the dark color, and blow off excess shadow from it.


  • Apply the dark eye shadow now to the crease. Start by applying the dark color from the outer corner, and then sweep it along the entire eyelid till where the brow bone hits the crease. Make half-moon strokes with your hand to merge the color and blend it.


  • You can add more shadow to deepen the color.


  • Repeat the steps on the other eye now.