Making an electric bulb at home is a fun experiment to do with your kids. The light bulb is made with the heating of a filament, at which the wire ends up glowing. Here are the steps to follow when making an electric light bulb.


Things needed

  • 5mm pencil lead (graphite)
  • 2 pieces of copper wire (2 feet each)
  • 4 electric clips
  • Glass jar
  • 5 (or more) batteries
  • Electrical tape



  1. Hook the ends of the wire at each end with a clip.


  1. Attach all the batteries together with electrical tape in a series. Line them in a positive to negative pattern. Secure all batteries together in a long rod with tape.

  1. Now clamp one copper wire to an end of the batteries. Hook the red clip to the positive end of the batteries and leave the other clip.


  1. Clamp the graphite between the two remaining clips, making them in an H-shape, where the clips are the sides and graphite is the horizontal line of the ‘H’. To make the clips stand up, use the tape.


  1. Place the glass jar on top of the graphite and clips.


  1. You are making a circuit, so attach the final wire to the batteries other end. This will turn the light on. As the electrical loop is formed, electric current passes and emits light, turning on your bulbs!