Badminton is a fun game for all ages that is played on beaches or gardens. The game may appear to be a bird-looking object being swatted back and forth over a net, but it is actually loved once learnt properly. The shuttlecock is the main object that has to be hit across the net to the other player, and vice versa.

Badminton isn’t just an entertaining sport, but in fact it is a competitive game that can give a decent workout for its players.

To learn how to play the sport of badminton, read through this guide below:


Things needed 

  • 2 or 4 players
  • A leveled ground
  • A net with poles at the ends
  • Shuttlecock
  • Badminton rackets, according to the number of players



  1. Set up a badminton court, by setting a boundary of 44-feet long by 22-feet wide.


  1. Place the net in the center of the court.


  1. Understand the basics of the game, which is mainly to hit the shuttlecock with the racket to the other opponent and not letting it, fall on the ground.


  1. If the shuttlecock hits the bod of the player, outside the boundary, or hits the ground before the other opponent returns it to you, a fault occurs, and you score a point.


  1. Toss a coin to start the match. The winner of the toss will choose to toss first or not.


  1. Toss the shuttlecock to the other opponent. This is called a serve. You hit the shuttlecock diagonally to the other player.
  2. Set a score board and begin playing.