Paying taxes is never an exciting prospect, and there are times when you get to detest the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). But to get a tax ID verification letter, you have to get in touch with it in any case. This is especially necessary if you accidentally lose your EIN or Employer Identification Number. The IRS sends you a verification letter upon request which is the best substitute of the original verification letter which you received initially.

Call the IRS

To get a tax ID verification letter, you firstly need to call the IRS on 800-829-4933 between 7 and 10 am. You have to give all the required details to the tax assistant. It may include your name, address and other information for the verification of your identity.

Inform About the Change of Address, if any

Once you have given all your details, the IRS will verify your identity. In case you have changed your correspondence address, you have to file Form 8822 for informing the IRS. This should be done before you request a tax ID verification letter.

Request a Copy of Your EIN Certificate, if needed

If the IRS asks for the copy of your EIN certificate then you can request your bank to send it to you. The banks are usually very quick, and you may receive your certificate within a few business days. However, it will take almost 4 weeks for the IRS to send you your verification letter.