Sometimes, goats may grow dangerously long horns which can turn into a threat for an owner and other goats. For this, a goats horns need to be de-horned through a process called banding. This process is as follows:


  1. Trim the shave of the head of the goat with a blade. Shave around the spot of the horns


  1. Straddle the goat with force, and hold it between your legs. You will need a helper for this.


  1. Give the goat a tetanus inoculation between the shoulder blades. This will prevent it from gaining infections in the process.


  1. Sharpen the knives or saw, and hold it tightly in your hand. Cut the notch of horn at the back and the front of the horn at its base. It should be close to the skull.


  1. You must place the castrating band at the top of both horns to prevent it from moving.


  1. Cover the bands with duct tape and wrap around the base.