Hair bows for girls look cute on all events and day-to-day wear. And when it’s a sports event for your girl, you will want a flashy and prominent hair ribbon. Usually, it is a requirement of female sports teams and cheerleading squads to have matching hair ribbons in the team’s respective colors for the hair to be tied with. This gives a feeling of team unity and spirit amongst the girls.


So if you need to make a matching hair accessory for your daughter or students, you can simply follow these steps and make the perfect hair ribbon:


Things you will need


  • Ribbons in the school team colors in different sizes and sports symbol
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Ponytail holders
  • Sewing needle
  • Ruler




  1. Select the ribbons you want for the bow. Choose the colors according to the school or sports team.


  1. Cut the ribbons the same length with the help of a ruler, and arrange them on top of one another. Determine the length you want of the hair bow to be from both sides to hang down from.


  1. Cut the ends of each ribbon into V-shapes to give a neat look.


  1. Layer the ribbons by placing the thickest one at the end, and moving up in size in an ascending order. Fold the entire ribbon in half then, and put a stitch at the underside. Tie the ends of the thread at the back in a knot. This will secure the ribbons.


  1. Unfold the ribbon and attach it to the ponytail holder with a threaded needle. You will stitch it at the center of the ribbons at the underside, and wrap this thread then around the ribbons. Keep wrapping around the ribbon until they are all secure.


  1. Now hold the ponytail holder against the back of all the ribbons. Put a few stitches through the ponytail holder and secure it together.