Skydiving appears to be amazing – you float through clouds like a bird in the air, and see the world below you. Yet, the adrenaline rush and fright is at peak when you are asked to jump out of the plane! Almost every person takes a second thought on taking that leap, especially for those who have a fear of heights. But in order for them to overcome their fear and accomplish this exciting experience, there are certain tips to follow.


Skydiving is an experience like none other, and the adrenaline rush with the fast heartbeat is what makes it a thrilling and enticing experience of a lifetime. But the fear of the unknown or fear of heights can make anyone scared of the free fall. In order for you to get over your fear of skydiving, try to follow these simple guidelines:


Be Prepared

If you are having second thoughts on your first skydiving experience, set your fears aside by seeing what and how the experience is through videos. Having fear is natural, but it can be controlled by knowing the facts of skydiving and doing your research on it. Did you know skydiving is considered less dangerous than driving a car? There have been minimal death reports from skydiving as compared to car accidents. Read more about skydiving online and see the experiences of other first-timers on blogs.


Visit the Drop Zone

Skydiving may not be like your everyday kind of activity, but it is an experience of a lifetime. To help you further on getting over that fear, visit the drop zone of your jump. Just visit the site, and sit at the spectator area. You will be able to see other skydivers falling from the sky with their parachutes. Seeing how normal and simple it is will ease your anxiety. You can ask first-time jumpers their experience there as well.


Ask Questions

Upon visiting, you can ask the instructors and staff any questions you have on skydiving. They have skydived hundreds of times and have plenty of tips and stories for you to relax you. You will be comforted to know how their first-time at skydiving was. These experts are experts for a reason, so don’t shy away from any question you have and increase your confidence with their guidance.


Take a Friend

Take along a friend or family member who is positive and encouraging through your training and jump. This will raise your excitement level and boost your confidence too. You can take along friends and all experience the skydiving venture together.


Trust the Instructor

Every skydiving center has licensed and certified instructors. They have years of experience, which makes them highly-skilled and trained to deal with first-time jumpers. Trust them throughout the experience.


Remain Calm and Follow Instructions

Ease your nerves by reminding yourself not to panic. Enjoy the flight and the view before the big leap, and set your mind away from the thought of jumping. Before the jump, the instructor will shortly explain instructions to you, which you need to listen to and follow. Remember, if you are panicked or stressed at this point, you may not listen to their instructions, so stay calm and listen intently.


Take the Plunge!

You will never know how it feels until you have tried it! Take the leap and get this off your bucket list.