Griffin produces the best iPad cases in silicon and leather. These cases are robust and strong so that they protect the iPad from a fall or bump. This is why the casings are difficult to remove. Most of the silicon cases are removed by simply pulling them off starting from one corner, and then the other corner. Leather cases slide on and off the iPad. But there are covers, like the Survivor case, which is tricky to take off, as it combines a silicone soft case with a hard interior. To remove it from the iPad without any damage, you should follow these steps:


  1. Remove the desk stand from the iPad. This is a removable piece that lets the iPad prop up on a hard surface. It simply slides off when you have to remove it.


  1. Pull off the silicon case layer first from one of the top corner of the iPad. This should be done by slipping the finger under the casing from the corner and then pulling the silicon towards the back. The device will pop out.


  1. Now pull the case off of the iPad by removing it from the corner you just removed. Continue to pull off the case and work towards the center, Repeat the Step 1 as you reach the corner. Remove one corner at a time to free the iPad full from the corner.


  1. You will then hold the inner hard case at the top by placing your thumbs on either sides of the joints at the place where the case snap together. You will use force against the thumbs as you begin pulling the hands apart. The case will open at the top part of the case.


  1. Pull both the sides of the case in opposite directions away from the iPad. As you pull the case, the device will snap out from the ends.