Rough-in plumbing implies the formation of a rough draft of the finalized plumbing installation. The full plumbing job is incomplete as it is the first stage of the final structure. This is done so that any alterations can be made to the layout before the final stage is installed. so basically, a skeleton is formed of the plumbing structure till the end layers are placed.


Here is how you do rough-in plumbing:


  1. Mark the location of where you will install the toilet or sink. Place the mark on the center of the wall. If you are installing a flush, measure 13.5-inches outwards from the central point. Now on the floor, repeat the same action. The floor marking is where the toilet drain is going to connect with the large drainpipe, and it will be where the toilet will be mounted.


  1. Place the toilet flange on the center of the mark and draw an outline around it.


  1. Cut the area you marked, and place the flange over the hole. Now screw the flange on the floor.fh01feb_smath_19


  1. You will then install the drain piping by using the curved pipes and traps. These all will be installed under the floor.


  1. To understand the drain flow, you need to find out the where the main waste stack is, and direct the flow of the drain to it. For this, you will have to use a 3-inch long 90-degree turn fitting and place it in a 3×2-inch Y fitting. Make sure the 2-inch lead is piped back into the main vent. Continue the piping all the way to the main waste stack and connect it to the 3-inch Y fitting.


  1. Next, install the supply line. Install the water supply line by taking your line and running it from the water supply up through the floor, so that it fits near the side of the toilet’s tank.


  1. Now attach an 8-inch pip that extends through the wall, and attach a piece of pip onto it.