If you have trouble deciding what to dress up as for Halloween this year, why not go the simple and easy witch this year! It is true that witches are quite common as Halloween characters to dress as, but if you have the right costume and the perfect witch shoes, you may be the one to stand out this year! While you may be able to recreate a witch dress or find one at a costume store, witch shoes may not be easily available. For this reason, we have gathered a simple DIY guide on making these shoes yourself at home!



Things you will need

  • Old shoes
  • Newspapers or magazines
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Super glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Glitter in different colors
  • Black paint



  1. Find an old pair of shoes at home or buy one from a thrift shop, preferably something that has laces like boots which go ankle-high, and have a heel. Remember, the older the shoes, the better to make the look more realistic.


  1. Remove the shoe laces from the shoes, and with a ball of newspapers or magazine papers, form a cone. Tape this to the toe of the shoe.


  1. Flatten the new extension and make it pointed from the front upwards with your hands.


  1. Paint the shoe black.


  1. When the paint dries, apply glitter to it in your desired colors.


  1. You can make buckles for the shoes by cutting a square piece from the magazine and painting it with golden glitter. Use superglue to place it on the shoe.