Ever watched a cowboy movie and envied those boots with the metal pieces on the heels? Those are called spurs, and were used by cowboys to move the horse forwards when horse riding. A spur strap consists of two separate pieces of leather that attach to the buttons on a pair of spurs to hold them to the boots. Once you know how to attach spur straps to a boot, you have got yourself those cowboy look-alikes ready.


Here is how you can attach spurs to your boots:


  1. Get a metal spur and also its straps and chains for attaching it to the boot. The spur should fit in the heel of your boot. Place it at the top of the heel to check its size.


  1. The strap and chain will go around the front of the boot, and it will connect at the ankle.


  1. Simply, hook the button to the holes of the spur straps to fasten the spur.


  1. Check the spur before you sit on the horse. Ensure it is not loose and dangling, as it should be solidly connected.