If you want a fix way to redecorate and bring new color to your room with paneling, you can easily paint over it. Painting over paneling that is worn out or out-of-date is very simple, and it is the best way to remodel a wall. Although paneling is based over a slick surface, painting over it is simple if the surface has been prepared for the paint first. Preparation over the surface is important, as the surface of paneling does not easily accept paint.

The best way to paint over paneling is as follows.


Things you will need

  • Sand paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Clean cloth
  • Primer
  • Deglossing liquid
  • Paint roller



  1. Spread sheets, cloth or newspapers around the wall you will be painting over.


  1. Sand the paneling with the sandpaper to create a smooth and even surface to paint over. Once you have sanded the paneling, take a clean cloth and rub over it to let the dust be cleaned. Apply a deglossing liquid over the paneling now to remove the signs of the old paneling’s finish.


  1. Apply the primer over the wood paneling so that it accepts the paint you will apply. A primer will also let you apply only a single coat of the paint to cover the paneling adequately. Use a primer that is a shade or two lighter than the paint.


  1. If the paneling has groves, use a spackle or joint compound to cover the gaps. This should be done after you have applied the primer. This is because the spackle has to adhere to it properly.


  1. Paint the paneling with a paintbrush over the edges and corners, where the paint roller won’t be able to cover. If there are cracks in the paneling, use a brush to paint in them.

  1. Apply the remain place with paint with a roller.