If you are about to move or need to renew your home decor, there will be a time when you need to dispose off your old furniture. Some people throw away their furniture, but selling it can give you back a share of what you spent on buying it. If you wish to sell your furniture and live in London, this guide will help you learn how you can gain a profit with it:


What is the state of your furniture?

Before making the big sale, assess the condition of your furniture items. Check if the woodwork is worn out in polish, or if the wood is chipped, or if there are any cracks. Check the cloth of the couches for any tears. Then, divide the furniture in groups by condition, and separate the items that you can fix and improve to sell at a good price. You can apply polish, fix splintered wood, and even fix cushioning, because the better your furniture will be , the more the value it will have.


Visit second-hand furniture shops

Go to used furniture shops to get an idea of the pricing and state of your furniture. Check all shops in your vicinity and see the prices of similar furniture items they may have. Do keep in mind that the seller will be charging a higher price than what was sold to him for as the shop keeper will set a margin of profit for himself. Take your pieces to them for sale, or take photographs of your pieces to show them and ask if they can get them sold. Ask what prices they will take them for so you can get an estimate of your inventory.


Sell online

Take advantage of the internet by selling your furniture on online portals. You can sell furniture on Facebook too by uploading images of what you are selling. Other portals to sell used furniture are VivaStreet, A4 Office Furniture, and Gumtree.


Sell at a garage sale

You can easily get used furniture sold off at a garage sale. Organize one yourself and place your items on display so that interested buyers can come see what you are offering. Spread the word about your garage sale by sending out brochures or pamphlets around the street. You can also place and ad in the local newspaper. Hold the garage sale on a weekend, as buyers are free them to come visit your sale.