If you love art, museums, and history, you may have a knack to teach art history to young students. Art is the best way to exhibit your feelings, and you can pass through these feelings to young elementary students through art history lessons. It is a fun subject to teach, and it will also add more knowledge to your passion of artwork.



Here is a guide on how you can teach the subject of art history at elementary school:


  • Visit libraries and look for different art history books to read. This will give you learning about art history itself. Select book levels that are appropriate for elementary school levels. If you have a syllabus of the lessons, you can select books accordingly.


  • Give your students shared reading exercises so that they share their views on different paintings and artists. You can give the students assignments for home or classwork to observe their interest in art history. Generate their participation in class and let them gain an interest in art.


  • To be an art teacher, you need to give a broader picture of the world to the students. Never overdo information, or give too many dates, as the students will be confused at the end of a class. Stick to a few artists and their famous works during the critical historical times.


  • Make an art history timeline in the class display section so that the children can learn about art during different eras. Timelines enhance the knowledge and aid in learning historical references.


  • You can make art history lessons in games, by making flash cards, quizzes, or coloring artworks in class. You can hand out prizes as well to keep a fun activity in the class.


  • Take the students for study tours around art museums. This can be a fun field trip for the students where students can discuss the different art displays.