Nobody wants to hold back a vacation in Dubai, and just like every fanatic tourist from around the world, Filipinos too wish to see the world’s most iconic destination for sun and fun. A tourist visa for Philippine travellers is issued by the Consulate General of Philippines, which operates in the UAE. The procedure of obtaining a tourist visa from the consulate is complicated for first-timers. Here is a guide to help you follow through the visa process:




  • 2 fully filled and signed visa application forms. The form has to state the particular host or sponsor from the UAE resident of the applicant, along with the residence address of the sponsor, who has to be based in UAE.


  • A signed and original Philippine passport, with 6 months validity from the date of proposed time in UAE.


  • A copy of the valid Philippine passport.


  • 2 original passport-sized photographs.


  • An invitation letter from the sponsor in UAE. This letter must have the host’s full name, residence address of their stay, relationship between them, acceptance of tourist’s responsibility, and estimated time duration of their stay.


  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport and residency permit in UAE.


  • If visiting an organization, the tourist has to submit a letter with their official letterhead and include details of the reason of their visit by the organization. This will also include an acceptance of their responsibility, their phone number, and address. A cop of the organization’s business license in the UAE has to be submitted with this.


  • A letter from their employer, mentioning their designation, salary, period of work with the company and contact details.


  • A copy of their hotel booking or reservation.


  • A copy of their airplane ticket.