You need to replace your p-strap once in a while. A p-trap is basically a drain pipe which becomes dirty with time and stop performing well. A p-strap can be easily replaced, and this is how you can do it:

Things You Need:

  • A replacement p-trap
  • Pipe lubricant
  • Hacksaw
  • Slip joint pliers
  • A small bucket

The Actual Process:

  • You should start by removing the old pipe. If there are any nuts present, you can unscrew them with the help of pliers. Do have a small bucket placed under the pipe to catch any standing water present in it.
  • At this time you may or may not add a tail pipe depending upon the distance between the new pipe installed and the p-trap.
  • You can add in a fitting, if needed, by attaching it with nuts and slip washers. The beveled sides of all the washers should be facing the attached portion of the pipe.
  • You can apply a pipe lubricant for a better fitting.
  • Now attach the p-trap’s arm to the drain’s stub out. You can again use a washer and a slip nut for it. You can cut the trap accordingly with a hacksaw, if needed.
  • Now you should attach the trap are and the trap bend together. Make sure that all the correct sides are facing each other.
  • All the nuts should be tightened with pliers. However, make sure that they aren’t unnecessarily tight.