Although they are harmless, veins showing around the legs are a nightmare for every woman. These hair-thin lines are also known as spider veins, and become very prominent in the summer when its time to should those thighs and calves. These small branches are actually dilated blood vessels that appear like red or blue thin lines near the surface of the skin.

These veins appear due to several reasons, like damaged valves, poor blood circulation, heredity, age, blood clots, taking birth control pills, hormonal problems, wearing tight clothes, obesity, or harmful to UV rays. If not looked after, these veins can lead to swelling, pain and itching.

Here are several ways to get rid of veins in your legs:


  • Do exercise daily to increase the blood circulation around your body. Walks, housework, and other lo-intensity activities also aid in reducing the appearance of these lines.


  • Do not sit or stand in one position for too long. Movement is essential in removal of veins appearance in the legs.


  • Lose weight, as being overweight adds pressure on the legs, causing spire veins to appear.


  • Get a massage on the legs, as it will increase blood circulation, leading to reduction of vein appearance on the legs.


  • Consume more antioxidants on your diet to gain strong and health veins.


  • Sleep on your back with legs elevated by placing a pillow under it. This increases circulation and relieves pressure on your legs to get rid of thin veins appearing.


  • Consume citrus bioflavonoids like rutin or diosmin to reduce spider veins.


  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the veins on your legs. Leave it one for 30 minutes before washing off. This will reduce the appearance of veins.


  • Consume more garlic and ginger to reduce varicose veins.


How to Prevention spider veins:

  • By keeping a healthy diet.
  • Avoid high heels.
  • Spicy food Consumption.
  • legs should not be kept crossed for a long time.

If you notice that none of the home remedies are working for you, then  it wont be wrong to assume that the nature of your varicose veins are dangerous and chronic. Hence, it could be necessary for you to undergo surgeries post seeking proper medical help to treat them.