With the world moving towards the basics in eating, staying clean, and fit, spas are gaining popularity as the pampering regimens that makes one feel and look relaxed. Spas aid in bringing out the youth and making one feel better after a crazy day. If you are thinking about creating a business that will pay you well, try opening a day spa. It is not a simple task, but it can be undertaken with some business sense and background with the spa industry.

Here is how you will start a day spa business on your own:


  1. Research the competition around you in the spa business. Check what these other businesses are offering, their pricing points, and locations chosen. Take a few visits and try their services to see their establishment.


  1. Make a list of the services you will offer. This will be a rough plan of your business.


  1. Get a business license and permits. Contact the state department to get a business structure laid out with them, like sole proprietorship.


  1. Find a location for your day spa business. Locate an area which is not close to other spas, and has potential clients. You can find an empty building, or find a building you can rebuild on.


  1. Sign a lease or purchase the building for the spa. You will then be able to see where the changes you will have to make in the building, and begin planning the decorating in all treatment rooms.


  1. Hire the right staff. Check the credentials of each person you hire and their work experience. Request to see their certification, and contact their certifying groups to ensure their ethics. Some states require licensed staff in spas.


  1. Purchase the equipment for the spa treatment rooms. You will need a front desk, a computer system, shelves, hair styling stations, tools, massage tables, massage chairs for pedicures, manicure tables, linens, towels, and facial equipment. There will be other products needed to fill your spa with.


  1. Create a menu for your spa. This should be a printed list of services you will provide your clients with, along with the pricing.

  1. Market your business. This requires fliers, advertisement boards, websites and coupons to be handed out to spread the word on your new business.


  1. Give a grand opening for the spa!